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The Giving Season is upon us and everyone is scrambling to find the "perfect gift" for loved ones. So to help out our valued clients we will be offering a "GIFT SPECIAL" each week until Christmas. What better gift can you give than the gift of Health & Wellbeing.

Week 1 November 7th till 13th: You've all seen a Salt Lamp, but what are they and what do they do?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a natural salt rock mined and either shaped into a natural formation or carved into an appealing shape. Whether a solid large rock or smaller rocks gathered into a decorative vase or basket, you get the same health benefits. The salt lamp, when heated by the low wattage globe, absorbs moisture molecules from the air and naturally improves the quality by creating healthy negative ions in your home or office.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can:

*Provide relief from Hayfever, Asthma and allergy and sinus conditions

*Reduce Stress & Depression

*Increase Mental Alertness & Concentration

*Enhance Immune System

*Purify the Air

*Eliminate Smoking Odours

*Reduce EMF (electro-magnetic pollution)

*Aid Healing Processes

*Create a Soothing, Relaxing, Calming & Refreshing Environment

This week we are offering a 20% discount on our 2kg to 3kg Salt Lamps. These lamps are ideally sized for the office or a bedroom. They can double as a child's night light as well.

These Natural Shaped lamps come complete with power lead and globe to match Australian Standards.

They weigh between 2kg & 3kg each.

This week only $32

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