We hold weekly Meditation Classes on Tuesday evening from 7pm at Ming Zhu Massage.  

Each week there is a different Meditation which is advertised on our Facebook page.  

Places should be reserved by phone as space is limited.  The cost of each class is $10.

For all inquires Call Joe on (03)9775 5175

7pm till 8pm @ Ming Zhu Massage

What is Meditation?

In its broadest and most universal definition, meditation is a discipline that involves turning the mind and attention inward and focusing on a single thought, image, object or feeling. Meditation is sometimes called attention regulation (or attention training). Various meditation practices can be further defined according to the object of meditation, whether the mind is focused on the breath, the mantra, the body, a deity, or an attribute like stillness, peace, love, etc.


The goal of meditation varies according to the technique that is practiced. Some techniques instill peace, some reduce stress, bring insight or enlightenment, some instill confidence and creativity, some work with thought and feeling patterns, some answer the most basic and mundane questions, some answer the most soul searching and mystical questions, and some do it all.


The Benefits of a Meditation Practice


Health is defined as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is a noble goal, however most people may not be able to achieve it without some help or guidance.

Stress and tension can arise from a lack of connection with our authentic self, not being able to perceive what is true and what is false. We are often confused by negative thoughts and feeling. When the mind doubts, or is in fear, despair, or anger, we lose confidence in ourselves, and others. When emotions are negative we cannot think clearly or act with certainty.


Meditation balances the inner world of thought and feeling and the outer world of people and objects. Some meditation techniques uplift feeling and emotions, others calm agitated thoughts, some teach us to bear the most painful tragedies and some empower the capacity to function effectively. Some of us need to strengthen our emotions and grow emotionally, some of us need to give up addictions, some of us need to discover the meaning and purpose of life, some of us need spiritual sustenance, and some of us need to deepen understanding.


The physical benefits of a meditation practise show that it can:

  • Lower high blood pressure

  • Boost the immune system

  • Ease stress and tension

  • Relieve insomnia

  • Help migraines and headaches

  • Assist recovery from accident or illness

  • Ease chronic pain

  • Palliate life threatening illness.


 The emotional and mental benefits include:

  • Calming anxiety

  • Increasing empathy 

  • Overcoming depression

  • Soothing passion and anger

  • Resolving relationship difficulty

  • Strengthening interpersonal communication

  • Self-actualizing

  • Creative and inspired thinking

  • Insight and problem solving

  • Emotional growth

  • Mental clarity 


The Mayo Clinic research into the benefits of meditation are:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Calming an agitated mind and increase positive feeling

  • Building skills to manage stress

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present moment

  • Reducing negative emotion


Spiritual benefits include:

  • Connection with the higher Self or illumined mind

  • Sense of oneness with everyone and everything

  • Self-knowledge and love of Self

  • Deepening understanding of the nature of reality

  • Becoming present

  • Expanded awareness

  • Transcendental cognizance


In 2009 WHO predicted that by 2030 the world population would be affected by depression more than any other illness.[5] Depression not only undermines personal wellbeing but also that of the family unit; it diminishes the capacity to effectively function; it saps confidence and strength; it stimulates the use of drugs and alcohol; it destroys creativity and inspiration, including at times, the will to live.


A meditation teacher is skilled in teaching people how to overcome their suffering and to help them discover their true potential.


The uplifting flow of meditative energy can permeate the atmosphere. Family and friends can also experience benefits from a committed practitioner. It can help students focus on their studies, children sleep, athletes perform better, and parents find peace from the stress of life. It calms anxiety, uplifts the mind and soothes anger. It draws us inward toward a higher understanding and reality. We learn to access the part of us that is quiet, calm, loving and intelligent. To live from a meditative experience is to feel truly alive!


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