Ming Zhu Massage opened on the 25th March, 2013.


Owned and operated by Specialist Massage Therapist Joe Fernandez, it is an oasis in Langwarrin, offering massage and complementary therapies to the local community and beyond!

Joe Fernandez

Joe was educated in Mumbai, India, and did further studies in America,

his education, experience, and an analytical mind set Joe apart.

Let him help you set reachable goals to get your health on track.
Joe’s focus is unwaveringly on the needs of his patients.

While some people attend physio with a clear goal in mind,

many do not: Joe’s strength is in setting reachable goals with the client,

and providing the guidance to achieve them.

Joe has found his best outcomes result from treatment focused on education

and exercise, often augmented with Chinese Cuppings and Hot Stone therapy.
When it comes to working with clients, Joe is thorough and engaged.

He loves a good diagnostic challenge and his favourite conditions to treat include

chronic stiff necks, shoulder injuries, Relieve stress, Relieve postoperative pain,

Reduce anxiety, Lower blood pressure.

Joe is a generalist at heart but with his paddling background

if you are an outrigger or dragon boat paddler with a shoulder or back injury,

Joe is the man to see


Joe is a member of the Australia Association of Massage Therapies (AAMT)

including Massage & Myotherapy  (Australia)         

and a graduate of the Sage Institute, where he attained Certificate IV

in Massage Therapy

He also trained in Reiki by master Martini Salerno,

Chinese Medicine and later in Pranic Healing,

under the guidance of Dr Hazel Wardha and Master Choa Kok Sui from Philippines.

Joe has been trained from Luizhou Hospital, Guangzhi, China.

on Chinese medicine, and specializes in  Cupping, and Hot  Stones,


Joe also studied in India on Head Massage and can relieve your headaches,

plus he is a a crystal (pranic healer) and Reiki master



Joe runs Meditation classes every tuesday 7pm to 8pm.


He looks forward to serving you!



Mina Fernandez

Mina has a real passion for massage therapy, health, wellness, and many years of experience.

She specializes in swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy massage, reflexology , trigger points therapy, sports and holistic massage.

She customizes her massages to your individual needs, and has a very caring, professional presence


Mina graduated from San Juan De Dios College.

She particularly enjoys working with women clients who experience chronic stress, pain, or tension because of how quickly

and effectively massage can calm the nervous system.


Mina is equally comfortable providing relaxation and therapeutic massage and uses both to support her clients.
Mina attends most of the training conducted by Massage & Myotherapy with her husband who is a qualified therapists


Open 7 days a week we are here to offer you a 

natural approach to better health




Please note that not all Health Insurance Funds cover treatments at Ming Zhu Massage.  Please confirm with your Therapist before you begin your treatment that you are covered if you intend to make a claim.